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“This HELO wristband is really magnificent! Yesterday I had my first amazing experience with it. I was running to church from my car to catch up the beginning of the mass. Once seated I tried to check my BP, it was a little bit high. Know what happened next? All my three children text me &&ask of how am I doing that my BP highThe three of them my children are my guardian of my HELO wristband that they could monitor also my health condition. This gadget is really a lifesaver .

Dai R

I just received this text on my phone from my 78 yr old Mothers in-law's HELO!!!! I just tried contacting her and she's not answering her phone. I will drive to her house right now to check on her!!!! .

Tom J

Dr Abram Tadros from Gladstone Super Clinic (QLD, Australia) just gave the Helo the thumbs after my check up today and to validate the HELO monitoring the same. In short Dr said its very good and accurate. The ECG is a great addition and the report function is useful for those with regular visits to the clinic due to health matters. Peace of Mind for Health feels Good...muscle+1facepunch.... Thank you WOR(l)D Global Network.

Before i used Helo i had problems with my sleep,but from now on i have a very restfull sleep, so thank you Helo. ”

Dana M.

I'm very happy with my Helo result it was so accurate I feel like I have 24 hrs doctor with me!! Peace of mind is the right word to explain my feeling right now. Thanks to Helo. ”

Chandida M .

I am just loving my Helo Classic. It's amazing and I'm now addicted to the reports every AM and all day long. My partner tracks me and most of all it alerted me that my BP was a little high so we are now on it, how else would one know? This is something everyone should have! "

Daryl R.

Today I have a heart problem, having tight chest. I have been monitoring through this wristband and found abnormality to my heart rate, so I rushed to see the doctor right away. My heart rate and blood pressure are high, so I immediately came to the hospital. If I did not wear it, I would have come here late and probably need a coffin instead. This seem unbelievable. It is very useful. This is what I call “Innovative Life-saving Technology”.  

Winnie S.

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